Please use this form below to tell me as much about your day as you can. I realise that it might not be entirely relevant as every wedding is different but hopefully you can use it to let me know where people will be, and when, and what is happening! The more I know about the day in advance the better! The idea is that I can have a comprehensive timeline so I can put together my own itinerary and ensure I am always in the right place at the right time and that your wedding photography coverage is totally awesome!


    As you have seen in the many examples of my work, I do not do many overly posed photographs on your wedding day. However, I do feel it important to have some casually posed images with your close friends and family on this important occasion. In order to make the process less time consuming and confusing for all parties, I suggest assigning the job to one of the best men or brides maid to rally people up so that they are ready for their group photo. Please note, it is very important that you consider time restraints when adding to this list of formal photographs. It is absolutely vital that everyone who is in the formal groupings be ready to begin the session at the stated time. In order to not waste time searching for individuals, please be sure to communicate this to all those you would like to participate. Obviously it is your day, and I will do my best to get all the photos you want, but keep in mind that even with the best ushering in the world it can still take 4-5 minutes to find and arrange a group of people for a photo - so try keep the number of shots small - no more than 5 or 6 is ideal. Please list any other group shots you would like below.