Portrait of the talented photographer Sachin Khona. Sachin lived in Vancouver, but we always shoot together when he’s back in the UK.

One frame portrait // Sachin

This guy has crazy talent. Go check out his work here


Stoked with this shot bro! Thanks so much 🙂
Really great getting to know you, hanging out, talking music, life and photography. Can’t wait to jam on another wedding soon!

Intense portrait, love the post processing too!

I see this guy on the internet more than I do in person. COME HOME SACHIN! Killer shot Luke!

how could you not take a cool shot of him? 😉

Eduardo Suastegui

Nice shot, and yes, he’s got crazy tallet.

Oh hai Sachin! Really nice shot, I really like the BW processing.

SACHIN! awesome shot, Luke.

Nice shot bro of my bro…we all bro’s!!! Lol. Great portrait.

Great shot Luke, looks cool!

WOW! Great portrait!!