Anastasia looking through a stone

Alexandra Cameron on the beach in NorfolkCat trying to stay on her feetJenny & Jamie on the beach in NorfolkJenny Hall in NorfolkAlexandra Cameron & Jenny Hall on the beach in NorfolkKissing on the beachJenny and Phil in NorfolkNorfolk SeaSome random lady in NorfolkPlaying video gamesMy beautiful wifeJenny having a smokeThis is PhilAlex likes jumping shotsThe Norfolk CrewNorfolk pierJenny and Phil looking at a mapWhat wayNorfolk beachesbritish terrier dogBeach in NorfolkNorfolk beaches with blue skyThe water is bluestarting to rain in norfolkDave and AlexAnastasia watching tvI have a hole in my sockmap of norfolkwatching tv with friendsanastasia reading a bookout the car windowsitting in the back seatsitting next to my wiferoad trip in norfolka beautiful red jaguarfriends in wells next the seawells next the sea is amazingwells next the sea, norfolkwells next the sea beach, norfolkJenny in wells next the seawells next the sea loversjenny hall on the beach, norfolkanastasia in wells next the sea, norfolkanastasia cold in norfolkdave looking coldwells next the sea beachwells next the sea rainfriends in wells next the sea, norfolkjenny likes wells next the seaphilanastasiafrom where i standphil in black and whitehaving a race in norfolkwells next the sea racewells next the seawinnerflying duckmatt and emma in the pubcat in a field, norfolkwe love dinosaursAnastasia in Norfolk trees. VSCO Film


My friends and I took a little road trip to Norfolk back in April 2012. We stayed in a beautiful barn converted house, pretty much in the middle of a field. We did lots of traveling around the coastal areas in our cars and on foot. Norfolk is pretty much the most amazing part of the UK I have ever seen.

All images are edited with VSCO Film.

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February 5, 2013
love it, what the core of photography is all about, documenting good times